Digi-Extend Hand Exerciser



The CanDo® Digi-Extend® Hand Exerciser is a great therapy device to strengthen all your hand fingers and hands. It helps the intrinsic and extrinsic muscle groups to maximize extensor tendon gliding, joint motion, coordination, and increase muscle function in the hand and forearm. The Digi-Extend focuses on the extensor mechanism of your hand or fingers that needs rehabilitation or strength exercises. Its resistance levels and hand positions can be easily adjusted for specific exercises to provide maxim support to your exercise goals and prevent injury. The Digi-Extend can also be effective for finger adduction, abduction, blocking, and flexion exercises, also for rehabilitation of carpal tunnel, arthritis, stroke, fractures, tendon injury, nerve lacerations, tennis elbow.

This Hand Exerciser is a professional upgrade from the simple type of similar devices widely available on the market. It is compact in design, high-tech, easy, and comfortable to use as well as effective in helping patients reach their therapy goals. Color-coded bands in four colors  indicate different resistance levels for easy identification. The metal stand for storage and display holds up to 4 CanDo® Digi-Extend® hand exercisers.


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