Gel Bunion Cushion


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The Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Cushion relieves bunion pressure by wrapping around the painful and sensitive part of the big toe and reducing the discomfort caused by it pressing against the other toes


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The Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Cushion eases bunion pressure and features a self adjusting  pad to accommodate the contours of your toe and toe joint. You wrap the Bunion Cusdhion around the painful and sensitive area of your big toe and it helps to reduce the discomfort due to interdigital pressure. These slim and lightweight bunion cushions are  a one size design.

Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Cushion – Indications

  • Painful, sensitive part of big toe
  • Bunions

Oppo Medical Gel Bunion Cushion - Instructions

Wash and dry your feet thoroughly. Ensure that they are free of any oils or lotions.
Wrap the cushion directly over the bunion, making sure to cover the part of the big toe that presses against the other toes.
If the pain persists, your condition may be too severe to be treted by bunion cushion. In that case, you should consult your podiatrist for specialty shoes, another orthotic device or even surgery.


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