Arm Sling

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An arm sling is an orthopedic support that helps to restrict movement of your arm and shoulder while you recover from an injury. It takes the weight of your arm off your shoulder and allows injured bones or other tissues to recover.

The most typical injury associated with the use of these supports is a fractured or dislocated shoulder or arm. In some cases, your doctor may recommend that you wear a sling in conjunction with a heavy arm cast.

Be careful to select the correct size of arm sling. If you do not choose correctly, you may fail to achieve the intended benefits. Make sure the sling you select fits snugly around your elbow and that your arm extends to the end of the sling. You should also ensure that the end of the sling doesn’t cut into your hand or wrist.

Although you should follow your doctor’s advice, we suggest using your sling continuously for the first 6 weeks or so. This includes wearing it in bed. If it is more comfortable, you can try sleeping in a semi seated position (e.g. with your head elevated on pillows) while wearing the sling. Even if you do not sleep semi seated, we would suggest sleeping on your back or on your uninjured side. If you do sleep on your back, you can consider placing a pillow under your injured side for cushioning and support.

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