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The Mueller Sports Medicine Arm Sling comes equipped with an adjustable and padded shoulder strap for maximum comfort and offers arm support to restrict movement and promote rapid healing.

SKU: MU4601

The Mueller Sports Medicine Arm Sling will help you to recover injuries to your upper arm or shoulder. You can also use the arm sling to promote recovery from surgery.

The Mueller Arm Sling has an adjustable and padded shoulder strap that allows to you adjust the sling to enjoy maximum comfort all day long as well as support for injured shoulder tissues. The padded strap ensures that the sling won’t cause marks, welts or cuts to your shoulder even after prolonged usage. The sling will help to immobilize your shoulder and reduce pressure on it to help you recover as quickly as possible from injuries or surgery.

Wearing the latex free Mueller Sling will also free you from concerns about latex allergies even if you have suffered adverse reactions in the past.

The Mueller Arm Sling is one size fits most, so you can adjust it to your shoulder size and still benefit from its superior comfort.. The arm sling is also wearable  on either your right or left arm.

You can compare this support with the  LP Arm Sling to see which works best for you.

Mueller Arm Sling – Indications

  • Rotator Cuff Injury;
  • Brachial nerve injury;
  • Shoulder subluxation/dislocation or fracture;
  • Post-surgical support;
  • Upper arm fracture;


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