Splinter Out (10/Pk)


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Splinter Out removers are sterile and are designed for safe, quick and effective splinter removal.

SKU: DM-19181


Splinter Out is designed  for the speedy, safe and successful removal of splinters. Each sterile splinter remover is individually wrapped.

The removers will gently and safely loosen and pull embedded splinters from the skin. Please see instructions tab for further information.

The splinter removers come 10 per pack. Each pack is in a case made from hard reusable plastic.

Instructions for Splinter Removal

- Clean the affected area with an appropriate antiseptic;
- Allow the area to dry;
- Without touching the remover tip, remove the splinter -out from its wrapper;
-Use the sharp tip of the remover to gently loosen the skin above and around the splinter.
- Continue until you can lift out the splinter;
- After removing the splinter, apply a bandage to the affected area.


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