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Shock Doctor Tennis Elbow Support Strap

An elbow strap allows you to direct targeted compression to your elbow or lower arm in order to help reduce the pain of tennis or golfers elbow. This type of elbow brace is generally the most economical available on the market.It is also easy to put on and remove, particularly if you suffer from limited manual strength or dexterity.

However, it is not capable of treating as wide a range of elbow injuries as you can address with an elbow sleeve, for example.

To use an elbow strap to treat your tennis elbow, place in on your forearm, just below your elbow. The compression on your elbow tendons will help to reduce the pain you are experiencing from them due to the over stressing of your forearm muscles.

Some elbow straps use Velcro as an attachment mechanism. This allows you to vary their compression from time to time, which is a valuable feature. Using it, you can tighten the strap to increase compression before you embark on an activity that may aggravate your tennis elbow. Afterwards, you can reduce the tension for greater wearing comfort. In this way, you can wear your elbow strap round the clock without too much discomfort.

However, this type of elbow brace cannot easily be used to treat other types of elbow injuries such as sore or tired muscles or tendons. For this, you will need a brace that provides greater coverage of your elbow, such as an elbow sleeve. Other types of injuries for which an elbow strap may not be ideal include elbow strains or elbow bursitis (e.g. olecranon bursitis).

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