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The LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap will help to ease discomfort and pain that you experience as a result of golfers’ or tennis elbow. It possesses a triangle shaped pressure point that applies additional compression for further pain reduction. You can use this triangular point to apply compression to different forearm muscle injuries such as strains.

The brace  also has an adjustable Velcro strap that you can use to change its compression level as circumstances change. Three quarters of the brace’s material composition is closed cell neoprene rubber and the remainder is stretch nylon that surrounds the neoprene for additional comfort.

This support is a one sized fits most design and fits elbow circumferences between  7″ and 13″  or between 17.8 and 33.0 cm.

LP Tennis And Golf Elbow Wrap – Indications 

  • Golfer`s elbow;
  • Tennis elbow.


Measure around the elbow joint

One Size - 7 - 13" / 17.8 33.0cm


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