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The Prop Air Sleeper  continually adjusts to your energy levels and helps reduce your stress level and ease low back and neck pain

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The Prop Air Sleeper  continually adjusts to your energy levels and helps to ease stress and reduce low back pain. Back pain is one of the main causes of missed work days among North American adults.

The PropAir Sleeper also helps improve your sleep quality. Better sleep reduces the risk of hypertension, improves your immune system performance and leads to better overall health (fewer periods of sickness). It also lowers your risk of heart disease and diabetes, facilitates clearer thinking and helps  interpersonal relationships. The Prop Air Sleeper therefore provides substantial benefits that go well beyond avoiding back pain.

The Prop Air is a one size fits all design. This simplifies finding the correct size and eliminates problems with incorrect sizing.

This product is Canadian-made and is soldin Black and Navy.

Prop Air Sleeper – Additional Benefits

Other benefits of this versatile product include:

  • Reduced risk of neck pain;
  • Better breathing;
  • Reduced pressure on spinal nerve roots while sleeping. This lowers nerve irritation that can cause radiated pain in other areas besides the back.

Prop Air Sleeper – How Does It Work?

The Prop Air supports your spinal cord while you sleep. It helps keep the spine from getting out of line, a problem that can cause increased back stress and higher risk of chronic back pain.



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