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  • Sale! EmbraceAir Deluxe

    EmbraceAir Deluxe


    The EmbraceAir Deluxe back support is adjustable to match the amount of support you need and is capable of changing the angle of the spine by as much as 18 degrees.

  • Prop Air Sleeper
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    EmbraceAir PropAir Sleeper


    The Prop Air Sleeper  continually adjusts to your energy levels and helps reduce your stress level and ease low back and neck pain

  • Innotech Inline Seating

    Inline Seating


    The Innotech Inline Seating has a natural wooden frame and premium quality 30-year foam to cradle the behind and uniformly distribute body weight.

  • InnoTech LumbAir Plus

    LumbAir Plus


    The InnoTech LumbAir Plus back rest offers adjustability, comfort and portability. If you suffer from lower back pain, the Lumbair Plus is worthy of careful consideration. The Lumbair Plus is designed for bucket seats but you can also use it in airplane seats. It features a rubber bulb that you can squeeze to increase support…