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The LP Extreme Elbow Support will relieve the pain of elbow injuries such as tennis and golf elbow. You can use this support whether your elbow problems  are due to casual or intense sporting activity or to your occupational duties. It features a silicone pad that applies pressure on your forearm muscles and reduce vibrations traveling up the forearm. The reduction in vibrational forces reaching your elbow reduces the pain you would experience in that joint.

The LP Extreme Elbow Support is a one size fits most design that uses an adjustable Velcro closure.  You can apply greater tension/compression when needed (e.g. before exercise) and reduce the tension afterwards.

The Extreme Tennis Elbow Support is 70% composed of Coolprene™ (neoprene rubber), 15% stretch nylon and 15% polyester. LP has designed Coolprene® to provide the compression of neoprene while keeping you skin dry and comfortable. Coolprene™ will also speed pain relief, ease stiffness and swelling and promote injury recovery.

LP Extreme Elbow Support – Indications

  • Golfer`s elbow (Medial epicondylitis);
  • Tennis elbow (Lateral epicondylitis).


Measure around the elbow joint

One Size - 7 - 13"


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