Intelect TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy


The Intelect® TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy stimulation unit provides dual channels of electrical stimulation current with independent intensity and parameter controls.

SKU: CH-2783

The Intelect® TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy unit outputs 2 channels of electrical stimulation current. It also boasts a logical control system and a large user friendly graphical LCD display. Each output  channel has independent intensity and parameter controls.

The unit is configured to provide 4 standard waveforms  – interferential, high-volt, Russian and premodulated.

As with the other Intelect® Transport units, the 2-Channel Electrotherapy unit includes 10 user defined memory positions that store user protocols.

You can use the unit in wall mounted, mobile, table top or therapy cart configuration. Additionally, you can power it using 110V or batteries.

It is available with an optional Therapy Cart that provides maximize storage room for clinical supplies.

The unit comes with a 2 year (24 month) warranty.

Intelect® TranSport 2-Channel Electrotherapy – Applications

This unit will elicit muscle contractions that are therapeutically useful for a variety of purposes. It generates electrical signals and transmits them (using electrodes) to an area of skin next to the muscles being stimulated. The electrical impulses mimic the action on these muscles of the central nervous system. This causes them to contract.

You can use this unit for the following purposes:

  • To provide strength training for a healthy athlete or patient;
  • To rehabilitate the muscles of totally or partially immobilized patients. For example, it is useful for preventing atrophy of muscles that have fallen into disuse due to injuries to the patient;
  • To test patient neural or muscular function;
  • For post exercise recovery.

Please note: you cannot use this unit for pain reduction using transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS).



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