Weil Osteotomy Strap


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The Bio Skin Weil Osteotomy Strap holds the toe in a neutral or plantar-flexed position to prevent dorsal drift and floating toes.



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The Bio Skin Weil Osteotomy Strap helps to promote faster and more complete healing after undergoing a Weil Osteotomy procedure. The Strap holds the toe in a plantar flexed or neutral position. This helps to prevent floating toes and dorsal drift. The Weil Osteotomy Strap pairs with the Bio Skin AFTR and related ankle braces and with the Calibrated Midfoot Compression Wrap (CMC). You will need to buy the CMC separately.

You may wear the Strap in a walking boot, post-op shoe, or normal footwear. You can also use it non-operatively for treatment of plantar plate tears or metatarsalgia.

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