Cryo Cuff For Rapid Pain Relief


Choose from Aircast’s anatomically designed Cryo Cuffs for the knee, shoulder, back, wrist and ankle as well as both gravity and motorized cooler units. This cold therapy unit is the perfect accessory to help you stay in the game or to recover from acute injuries with less pain.

The Cryo Cuff from Aircast is a cold therapy unit that synergistically combines the benefits of cold therapy and compression to reduce pain and speed recovery from injuries to your knee, shoulder, back and more. You can also use this unit to speed recovery from surgical procedures as well as reduce the pain you would otherwise feel during the post-op period.

The Cryo Cuff cold therapy unit includes the following components, each of which may be purchased separately:

  • Cuffs for the knee, shoulder, back, ankle, wrist and calf. There are actually 3 knee units in sizes small, medium and large. The cuffs feature an anatomical design to ensure maximum coverage and optimum cold therapy and compression effectiveness. The cuffs tighten around the areas you are treating to provide compression therapy. For additional convenience, you can wear the Aircast Cryo Cuff knee units on either leg;
  • A Cooler that supplies the ice and cold water that flows through the cuff and provides the cold therapy. You can get either:
    1. a gravity powered Cooler that you raise and lower manually to control the flow of ice/cold water through the cuff. This Cooler is included with each cuff you purchase; or
    2. a motorized cooler powered by an integrated circuit (IC) that automatically controls the flow of water through the cuff. The motorized cooler is purchased separately from the cuff.

The Cryo Cuff uses controlled (not continuous) cold therapy to avoid tissue damage. Its coolers can hold ice and cold water for as long as 8 hours and provide cold therapy for that period.

The knee cuff comes in sizes small, medium and large. Please see the chart under the Sizing tab on this page for knee sizing information.

Uses Of The Aircast Cryo Cuff

Aircast has designed its Cryo Cuff cold therapy unit to offer you pain relief and a quicker recovery time from injuries ranging from a torn rotator cuff to a badly sprained ankle to a bout of shoulder tendonitis. If you are physically active, this cold therapy unit can provide to be a great investment in maximizing your game ready time.  You can even think of it as pain reduction accessory that you do not need a prescription to use. You will also not need to worry about addictive or other side effects as you would with some prescription medication. And you can use it to treat minor injuries while remaining at home and maintaining social distancing.

Sizing Chart


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