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The McDavid Knee Sleeve With Anterior Patch & Open Patella  has an anterior patch that adds compression and therapeutic heat.  Its open knee design allows added comfort around the patella.

Level 1: Primary Protection – Minor support helping to relieve pain and promote healing of tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis and other non-specific knee conditions.

The McDavid Knee Sleeve With Anterior Patch & Open Patella  features a patch on its anterior (frontal) surface to provide therapeutic compression for improved blood flow and pain reduction. In addition to compression, the patch provides therapeutic warmth that will also promote blood circulation and reduce joint stiffness. Its open patella design provides comfort in the area surrounding the kneecap.

This brace also includes McDavid’s 5-needle stitch feature to offer a flatter and stronger seam. This in turn improves your wearing comfort, as there is less risk of skin welts or marks as the seams press into your skin. The stronger seams also contribute to the sleeve’s durability. For even greater comfort, the brace is seamless in the extra sensitive area behind your knee.

The McDavid Knee Sleeve With Anterior Patch & Open Patella is made entirely from 100% Neoprene(CR), which is latex free. The absence of latex in the sleeve’s construction removes any risk of an allergic reaction if you have a history of latex sensitivity. Neoprene also gives the sleeve superior resilience, tear resistance and tensile strength. It adds to the compressive capabilities of the sleeve as well as to its heat retentive capabilities.

Neoprene also makes the sleeve able to survive several wash and dry cycles with no loss of performance.

The neoprene used in this sleeve is only  3.2mm thick, which means that you can wear the sleeve under regular clothing.

McDavid Knee Sleeve With Anterior Patch & Open Patella – Additional Features

  • Posses a  heavy-duty outer nylon fabric for extra durability;
  • Fits either left or right knee;
  • Available in black only, and in sizes Small to-2X-Large. Please use the information under the sizing tab to determine the size appropriate for you.


Sizing Chart

Measure around knee -

Small: 12" - 14"/ 30 - 36cm
Medium: 14" - 15"/ 36 - 38cm
Large: 15" - 17"/ 38 - 43cm
X-Large: 17" - 20"/ 43 - 51cm


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