Elbow Sleeve with Strap

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McDavid Hyperblend Elbow Sleeve w/Strap

An elbow sleeve with strap provides elbow compression over a broad area and can also provide targeted compression to address problems like tennis or golfers elbow. Generally speaking, this is the most versatile elbow brace design that you can buy. However, it may also in general be the most expensive, other things being equal.

The strap in this brace design plays an integral role in its ability to apply compression that is both adjustable and targeted. By tightening the strap, you can increase the compression level of the elbow sleeve with strap. This would be beneficial if you are about to start an activity that may stress your forearm muscles and increase tennis elbow pain. You can then use the strap to reduce tension and compression afterwards to return the brace to its normal comfort level.

The strap can also be used to apply compression to a specific area of the elbow or forearm such as to the medial or lateral tendons that are the focus of tennis or golf elbow pain.

In addition to the above uses, the broad coverage of the elbow sleeve with strap design allows you to use it to address problems like sore or tired muscles. The compression will help to improve blood circulation through the elbow area and keep the local muscles fresh for longer periods. In addition, this compression also helps to address other elbow problems like strains or olecranon bursitis.

Neoprene Based Elbow Sleeves With Strap

If your elbow sleeve with strap has a neoprene construction, you will also benefit from the heat retention and warmth that this material offers. It will keep your forearm and muscle tendons, muscles and ligaments warm and supple, thus helping to reduce the risk of a sprain or strain during strenuous activity. However, neoprene can have adverse skin effects on some individuals. You should be careful to choose a sleeve with another type of construction (e.g. elastic) if you have a neoprene allergy or sensitive skin in general.

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