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  • LP Cervical Collar
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    Cervical Collar


    The LP Cervical Collar is made from moderately dense foam (17 mm) and has a cotton stockinette covering that provides a contoured fit for the chin. It has a hook and loop closure at the rear to provide a customized and comfortable fit.  The collar constrains the extent to which you can flex or extend…

  • Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar
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    Headmaster Collar


    The Symmetric Designs Headmaster Collar provides cool and comfortable head and neck support for patients with health conditions like ALS (a.k.a.  Lou Gehrig’s disease), arthritis, motor neurone disease and many other diseases that weaken the neck muscles.

  • Perfit Ace Collar
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    Perfit Ace Collar


    The Perfit Ace Collar is the ideal accessory when you require cervical spine immobilization, and is also CT and MRI scan compatible.