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  • Theraputty Therapy Putty

    Therapy Putty


    Use Theraputty to regain hand and wrist strength and functionality after an injury or disorder. It comes in 6 colour coded resistance levels and is easily portable with you on vacation or business trips.

  • Bio Skin Thumb Spica
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    Thumb Spica


    The Bio Skin Thumb Spica controls movement of your CMC and MP joints and protects your thumb against painful movements in order to promote healing. It does so while allowing you full use of your other fingers. No laces!

  • Bio Skin Wrist / Thumb Spica
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    Wrist / Thumb Spica


    Wrist brace to control motion of the CMC and MP joints

    The Bio Skin Wrist / Thumb Spica regulates movement of the CMC and MP joints by preventing painful movements of the thumb and wrist but allowing unrestricted use of the fingers.