Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap

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Increase endurance and reduce injury

The high-level compression provided by Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap helps to improve your athletic performance and endurance by decreasing muscle vibration.

The Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap will reduce the amount of muscle vibration you are experiencing. As a result, your staying power and athletic performance will be enhanced. In addition to this reduction in muscle vibrations, you will be less at risk of being injured. The included Bio Skin Groin Wrap helps to further improve compression and performance enhance over that offered by the Compression Shorts alone.

These Compression Shorts use BioSkin’s  trilaminate Ultima material. Ultima  is an ultra thin material with high level compressive qualities courtesy of its Lycra external and internal surfaces. Its inner polyurethane film assists moisture vapor transfer away from your body. Your perspiration evaporation will be higher and you will experience a cool, comfortable and dry feeling when wearing these shorts. With your body more able to regulate its own temperature, you will experience greater wearing comfort. This comfort will be even greater due to Ultima’s hypo-allergenicity and the complete absence of latex and neoprene.

The Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap include Cropper Medical’s unique SkinLok™ feature. It increases friction against your skin as a result of the presence of moisture sources such as sweat, water or even lotion.  The result is less slippage even during intense and vigorous physical movement.

Moreover, the Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap also increase your proprioception (your body’s instinctive ability to detect and prevent potentially harmful orientation or relative positions of your limbs). It can provide valuable support to the hips and groin and help to treat hip/groin injuries related to sports such as basketball, for example

Bio Skin Compression Shorts with Groin Wrap – Conditions and Indications

  • Quad Contusion;
  • Hip Flexor Strain;
  • Ischiocapsular Strain;
  • Iliofemoral Sprain;
  • Thigh Strain.

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  1. BRANDON KITAMURA (Verified Owner)

    Fits well and is very comfortable to wear while playing pickleball. It allows for great movement while minimizing recovery time.

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