WaveLength TMS Gel


Product Attributes


Wavelength Tens Gel is a high viscosity and optimally conductive gel for use in TENS, Electrical Muscle Stimulation & other lengthy procedures where a thicker gel is required. It uses a bacteriostatic formula to inhibit bacterial growth and is also salt, alcohol and fragrance free.

Wavelength Tens Gel is a viscous (thick) medium with a small amount of stickiness. Its viscosity equips it for use in lengthy treatments such as TENS and NMES therapies. You can also use it in other sceanarios requiring a high viscosity(thick)  gel.

The gel comes in the following packaging formats:

  • 5L Uni-Pac Cube (includes one 250 ml dispenser bottle);
  • 100 ml tubes;
  •  250 ml bottle;
  • 500 ml bottle;
  • 1L bottle.

The 5L Uni-Pac cube comes with a dispenser bottle.

Wavelength TENS Gel – Additional Features

  • No salt, alcohol or fragrances;
  • Made from an advanced water soluble, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic formulation. This inhibits bacterial growth and reproduction;
  • Designed for optimum conductivity;
  • Non corrosive;
  • Greaseless, for added patient comfort;
  • Non staining, for additional patient convenience.
  • Packaged conveniently with recyclable materials.



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