WaveLength UltraSound Lotion


Product Attributes


We confidently recommend Wavelength Ultrasound Lotion as a medium viscosity alternative to gel in therapeutic ultrasound treatment.  You will appreciate being able to simply rub it into your skin after completion of your therapy. It goes perfectly with any of our ultrasound products.

You can buy the Ultrasound Lotion  as:

  • a 3.78L Jug;
  • a 5L Uni-Pac Cube ( comes with 250 ml fillable dispenser bottle included);
  •  100 ml tube;
  • 250 ml bottle;
  • 500 ml bottle; or
  • 1L bottle.

Wavelength UltraSound Lotion – Additional Features

  • Enriched with aloe vera for optimal skin health;
  • No Salt, alcohol or dye;
  • Manufactured from an advanced water soluble, hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic formulation that inhibits growth and reproduction of bacteria;
  • Optimal conductivity;
  • Non corrosive;
  • Greaseless & non staining for additional user convenience.



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