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The LP Ankle Brace With Straps uses figure 8 patterned straps made from non-stretch nylon and will help to prevent ankle eversion and inversion sprains.

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The LP Ankle Brace With Straps uses “figure 8” pattern straps that are manufactured from non stretch nylon. It provides outstanding protection against ankle sprains. The figure 8 design helps the Ankle Brace With Straps to reduce the risk of ankle injuries due to joint inversion and eversion injuries. It also helps reduce the risk of rotational ankle sprains. Injuries due to ankle eversion and inversion represent a large proportion of ankle injuries, and particularly sports injuries.

The Ankle Brace with Straps uses an open heel design that will give you a snug and comfortable fitting experience.

You can wear the LP Ankle Brace With Straps on either your left or right foot. However, for a comfortable fit, we  suggest wearing socks with the brace.

This brace would be effective for use while playing sports that requires quick and sudden changes in speed and/or direction. Use it also for sports with extensive jumping activity.

LP Ankle Brace With Straps – Indications

  • Ankle instability;
  • Moderate ankle sprain.

Shoe Size (USA)

Male - SM 8 -9 / MD 9 -11 /LG - 11-13 /XL 14-16
Female - SM 10-11 / MD 11-13 / LG 13-15 / XL 16-18


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