Ankle Brace with Straps

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Ankle Braces with Straps are designed with straps that you tighten around your ankle to provide the required support for ankle ligaments and tendons.This support can be helpful in treating moderately severe ankle sprains or instability. It will also help to protect weak ankles from potential injury.

These braces provide superior ankle support to that provided by ankle sleeves, but can be somewhat less comfortable to wear. The straps usually attach to the brace using Velcro, so you can vary ankle support by adjusting the strap tension. One advantage of this feature is the ability to increase strap tension for additional support when needed (e.g. when working out, running, etc.) and reduce it at other times.

In addition to ankle support, you can also use these braces to apply compression to your ankle, thus promoting optimal circulation and advancing healing or damaged ligaments or tendons. If you suffer from sore ankles after exercise or a long day, this enhanced circulation will help to refresh your ankles and get them ready for the next workout or work day.

There are two potential drawbacks of using ankle braces with straps:

  • Users may tend to tighten them excessively (using the adjustable strap tension). This will actually tend to restrict circulation rather than promote it, and will therefore be counterproductive and even harmful;
  • Some of these braces require you to follow somewhat complicated procedures when you are putting them on and applying the straps. It is important to be familiar with the strapping pattern in order to apply the brace properly and get the correct results.

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