Green Adjustable Ankle Support


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SKU: MU86511

The Mueller Sports Medicine Green Adjustable Ankle Support will help to protect and support sore, sprained, weak, strained and arthritic ankles. It has a patented strapping system that helps to provide reliable and uniform ankle support.

The Green Adjustable Ankle Support uses a soft, petroleum free neoprene blend. This environmentally friendly material nevertheless retains your body heat and provides therapeutic warmth. The benefit of this is pain relief and better ankle flexibility. The support is also latex free, eliminating the risk of adverse medical reactions even if you have a history of latex sensitivity.

The Ankle Support’s adjustable tension straps will enable you to adjust its custom fit and compression level to obtain the balance that is best for you.

This is a light and comfortable ankle support  that will provide reliable support throughout the day. It is a one size design that eliminates the uncertainty around measuring to determine your size.


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