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The LP Ankle Support With Straps will support and compress a weak, unstable or injured ankle joint and will also help to reduce swelling and/or stiffness after an injury has occurred.

The LP Ankle Support With Straps supports and compresses a weak, unstable or damaged ankle joint in order to promote the healing process. It will also help to reduce the stiffness and/or swelling you may experience after injuring your ankle. The Ankle Support with Straps has an open heel and toe design that is secured using Velcro.  This design allows a full range of motion to your ankle joint. The Ankle Support also uses adjustable straps to ensure superior wearing comfort. It is also a low profile design  that you can easily pair with all styles of everyday or athletic footwear.

The LP Ankle Support With Straps uses high quality closed cell neoprene in its construction. It also uses a stretch nylon cover to provide additional comfort. The benefit of neoprene is that it provides superior compression for your ankle, which improves therapeutic outcomes. Neoprene also retains body heat and improves blood circulation through the ankle. The result is reduced stiffness, swelling and inflammation and faster recovery.

LP Ankle Support With Straps – Features and Benefits

  • Supports and compresses weak, injured or unstable ankles;
  • Its high-spliced heel design provides extra ankle support and also protects the Achilles tendon;
  • The Ankle Support uses a hook and loop (Velcro) closure and has an open-heel design, making it an ultra comfortable easy on/off design.


  • Ankle sprain;
  • Ankle Instability;

Measure circumference immediately above ankle bone

Small - 15.2 - 20.3 cm / 6 - 8"

Medium - 20.3 - 25.4 cm / 8 - 10"

Large - 25.4 - 30.5 cm / 10 - 12"

X-Large - 30.5 - 36.8 cm / 12 - 14 1/2"


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