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The McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace offers a lightweight design, rock solid ankle stability and an ultra comfortable fit. The perfect accessory to help you remain active while helping to reduce ankle injury risk.

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The McDavid Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace w/Minimal Coverage & Flex Support Stays was created with comfort and convenience as the primary design objectives. It offers a superbly comfortable fit, even when you are wearing it with cleats or low profile athletic footwear. The experience will remind you of how it feels to be wearing athletic tape on your ankles, only without the hassle of putting it on or removing it.

Like many of the new McDavid ankle braces such as the Phantom, the Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace boasts an innovative rear entry design that allows quick and easy “step through” on/off. It also features a thin wrap top strap that provides therapeutic compression. The net result of these innovative design features is an ultra light brace. The Stealth Cleat has almost one-third less weight than other more traditional ankle braces.

For extra convenience, the Stealth Cleat ankle brace fits either the left or right foot.

In addition to the comfort and convenience features, the Stealth Cleat provides  great medial and lateral ankle support. This is a result of McDavid’s ground breaking exo ligament stirrup support stays. Despite its firm support, the Stealth Cleat will offer the range of motion you need to keep your game at its usual level.

The Stealth Cleat Ankle Brace should be high on your list if you are looking for ankle stability. It will also help you avoid future ankle sprains from baseball or basketball.

For additional information on the benefits of wearing an ankle brace such as the Stealth Cleat, read this post.

Available in sizes XS to XXL. For guidance on choosing your appropriate size, please consult the size tab on this page.

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