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The Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set is a combination set that comprises one each of the Kinesio Pre Cuts for the wrist, knee, back, foot, neck & shoulder. Each pre cut comes with instructions and illustrated guides. These help you apply the tape for the maximum therapeutic benefit. This is of particular benefit if you have no experience of Kinesio taping techniques. It will also be useful if you are working out at home with no access to a trainer with this knowledge.

The Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set will help ease the pain of overuse injuries after a busy day at work or the gym. These include sore lower backs after sitting for 8 hours hunched over a computer screen.  They also include conditions like wrist pain from carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive gardening or computer keyboard use. Finally, they include a knee or ankle sprain while playing a recreational game of basketball.

One key advantage of using the Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set is fact that you need no expertise to apply the tape. You only need to follow the accompanying instructions. Once in place, a pre cut from your Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set will stay in position for up to 3 or 5 days. You can even wear it  through showers and baths, and in fact we would recommend this! Just follow your normal daily routines. The tape will do its work and use your normal joint and muscle movements to speed up healing and ease your pain.

Kinesio Pre Cut Starter Set – Suggested Usage

We suggest that you buy the Starter Set for an introduction to how this tape can help you treat injuries such as those listed above. As mentioned above, the package includes one pre cut application for each body part that you are likely to hurt.  As a result, you can evaluate the pre cut’s performance in treating several different types of injuries. Having done this, you can decide where you are getting the most benefit.

Once you have developed familiarity with Kinesio taping techniques, you can progress to buying tape rolls such as the Kinesio Tex Classic or DynaPro RestoreTape.

Additional information on how Kinesio tape works can be found here.


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