S301 Single Traction Splint


The S301 Single Traction Splint uses dynamically determined “straight in line” traction force to treat single leg proximal third and mid shaft fractures.



The S301 Single Traction Splint is a splint intended to treat single leg proximal third and mid shaft fractures.

The splint applies dynamic traction that is simultaneously gentle and quantifiable. It supports the gradual reduction of traction force levels as muscle spasms decrease and leg length increases. As a result, First Responders can document the precise amount of traction applied .

Sager traction splints are also designed to use “straight in line” traction that  is medial to the injured femur (thigh bone). This ensures an anatomically correct point of counter traction.

In addition, you can apply the splints in any position. Healthcare providers can also move and handle the patient with no risk that traction may be lost.

Sager have designed this splint to fit any patient falling within the 5th to 99th percentile of sizes. This ensures near universal sizing.

The splint also has stainless steel construction to ensure optimal durability. It is supplied complete with all accessories that healthcare professionals may need for its use.



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