Open Toe Cast Boot


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Large, Medium, Pediatric, Small, X-Large, X-Small

The Darco Open Toe Cast Boot boasts a heavy duty canvas upper section and a multi layer EVA sole to protect a wide range of casts and heavy compression bandages.


The low profile Darco Open Toe Cast Boot is a cast boot that will help to protect a wide range of heavy compression bandages and casts.

Key Features and Benefits of the Open Toe Cast Boot:

  • A upper section made from heavy duty canvas that will provide protection from the elements;
  • A multi layer EVA sole that provides additional cushioning. It also facilitates ambulation and makes the boot more durable;
  • A rocker sole that reduces pressure on the protected cast or bandages while you walk. The rocker sole also facilitates the roll through your gait pattern;
  • There are durable hook and loop fasteners that help to seat and secure your  foot. They also maintain a comfortable fit around your cast or bandaging;

You can buy the Darco Open Toe Cast Boot in one pediatric size as well as in five (5) adult sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large.

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