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The Bio Skin Back Skin – Standard Cut helps to treat lumbar sprains, overuse pain and muscle strains and also improves posture.

The Bio Skin Back Skin – Standard Cut helps to treat pain from repetitive stress injuries, lumbar sprains, and muscle strains. The Back Skin will also help to improve posture.  You can customize this low profile back brace with a flexible lumbar support or a lumbar foam pad.

The Back Skin – Standard Cut features a narrow cut in the front and flexible stays at the sides. These help it to remain pliable when you are sitting or bending and prevents it impinging on the rib cage or groin  areas. It also has vented side panels to keep you cool and comfortable during extended wearing periods.

The Back Skin – Standard Cut is made from BioSkin’s tri-laminate Ultima material. Ultima is extremely thin and offers high level compression courtesy of its powerful external Lycra layers. The polyurethane film layer in the middle allows moisture vapor transfer away from your body. This helps your perspiration to evaporate, which supports your body’s ability to regulate its own temperature. For added comfort, Ultima is hypo-allergenic and completely latex and neoprene free, which eliminates the possibility of adverse skin reactions.

Ultima material | Bio Skin Back Skin - Standard Cut
Ultima material used in Bio Skin Back Skin – Standard Cut

Along with the features mentioned above, the Bio Skin Back Skin utilizes BioSkin’s SkinLok™ feature. The brace adheres more firmly to your skin as a reaction to water, perspiration or even lotion, which reduces slipping. The brace therefore remains in its intended position even during intense activity, and will continue to provide compression to the correct area.

Bio Skin Back Skin – Standard Cut – Conditions and Indications

  • Lumbar Strains;
  • Lumbosacral Strains;
  • Lumbago;
  • Lower Back Pain.


Application Instructions

Bio Skin® supports should be applied to dry skin only. Oils, lotions and/or perspiration activate "SkinLokTM" making correctly sized supports seem small and difficult to apply. This response to moisture should not cause confusion with respect to proper sizing. Always dry the body segment thoroughly prior to application.

Take the support with both hands and stretch the top and bottom of the brace two to three times. This helps break-in the material.

1. Detach the large “hook” and “loop” closure. With the "loop" in the left hand, wrap support around the middle of the low back.
2. Lay left panel down first.
3. Attach right panel to left panel.
4. Lay the left Double Pull on right panel.
5. Lay the right Double Pull on left double pull.
6. To ensure proper placement, the bottom of the support should be placed at the base of the tailbone.
Easy Care Instructions

Wash Bio Skin® regularly to prevent body salt and oil build-up that naturally occurs after the product has been worn a few times. Attach the hook to the loop to prevent lint build-up. This will give your Bio Skin® a longer life span.

30 C 86 F
Hand Wash
Hang Dry
Do Not Bleach
Do Not Dry Clean


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