Clavic Brace For Posture Improvement


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The LP Clavic Brace will help you improve your posture by strengthening your neck and upper back muscles to help you keep pressure off your lower back and avoid pain in that area.

The LP Clavic Brace helps you to improve your upper back strength as well as to correct shoulder slump and other problems of incorrect posture.  It will help to remind you to keep your back straight and your shoulders back while sitting, standing and walking.  This will help to reduce pressure on your lower back  and, in turn, low back pain. Too many people slouch or hunch over subconsciously during the day and develop lower pack pain over the years. The Clavic Brace will help to increase your range of motion, allowing you to maintain a straight back and reduce low back pain.

The Clavic Brace has a figure 8 pattern that helps to immobilize the clavicle and accelerate healing of your injured or fractured collarbone or clavicle. Its hook and loop closure will allow you  to apply and remove more easily and it on your own.

The LP Clavic Brace is made from 60% polyester, 15% nylon and 25% rayon. Those with histories of neoprene allergies will nevertheless enjoy all day comfort from this brace.

LP Clavic Brace – Indications

  • Poor shoulder posture;
  • Injured clavicle.


Measure around scapula under arm

X-Small: (21 1/8" - 25") / (53.7 cm - 63.5 cm)

Small: (25" - 30") / (63.5 cm - 76.2 cm)

Medium: (30" - 35") / (76.2 cm - 88.9 cm)

Large: (35" - 41" )/ (88.9 cm - 104.1 cm)

X-Large: (41" - 46") / (101.4 cm - 116.8 cm)


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