Motion Medicine


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120g tube, 500g jar

Motion Medicine helps to reduce pain and swelling from muscle soreness or injuries and also increases your range of motion.

Innotech Motion Medicine helps to reduce  pain and swelling and will also help to increase your range of motion. In addition to these benefits, Motion Medicine helps to promote wound healing. It will also reduce the inflammation that results from some of the by-products of the neutrophils the body recruits to fight infections or the effects of an injury. Motion Medicine also  helps to protect you from the oxidative cellular damage produced by carcinogens.

Use Motion Medicine to help get relief from the following conditions:

  • Knee pain from patellar femoral syndrome, arthritis and iliotibial band syndrome;
  • Back pain;
  • Delayed onset muscle soreness resulting from intense physical activity or overwork;
  • Upper back and/or shoulder pain.

Motion Medicine will also help to dilate your blood vessels and improve your circulation. This will help to accelerate the removal of waste materials from the pain site. It will also help to promote the supply of freshly oxygenated blood to the area. Motion Medicine also contains the fatty acids essential for tissue repair in order to promote faster recovery from injury.

Innotech Motion Medicine also provides cosmetic benefits in that it softens and moisturizes your skin and helps to reduces skin irritation

Motion Medicine comes in 2 forms – a 120g tube and a 500g jar. There is also a lid for the 500g jar that is equipped with a pump mechanism for convenient dispensing.



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