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The McDavid Knee Support / Adjustable uses movable padded buttresses for targeted compression and pain relief. There is also an adjustable hook and loop closure for custom fit. The flat-seam construction provides ultra comfort and contouring fit


The McDavid Knee Support / Adjustable employs movable padded buttresses for  extra targeted compression. This allows you to focus your pain relief on where it is most needed. For further versatility, the support also includes an adjustable hook and loop closure that you can use to adjust the fit to suit your individual taste.

For extra comfort, the support uses a flat-seam construction that helps to minimize skin marks, welts and other damage. You have less risk of skin damage even if you use the support to apply high levels of compression to your knee.

This knee support is built using 100% neoprene(CR),  a compound that is totally free of latex. As a result, there is no risk of a latex allergy reaction. This is true even if you have these reactions in your medical history.

The choice of 100% neoprene for the McDavid Knee Support / Adjustable endows it with superior resilience, tear resistance and tensile strength. It also enhances the support’s compressive and heat retention capabilities. These properties are both key to the support’s therapeutic capabilities.

Further, as it is made entirely of neoprene, you can wash and dry this product over several cycles with no loss of performance. However, to get the best results over an extended period, we would recommend air drying it.

The support is ultra low profile, using 3.2mm thick neoprene, which means that you acn easily wear it under regular clothing with no sacrifice of comfort.The ability to wear the brace while performing everyday activities improves the likelihood of an early and complete recovery.

McDavid Knee Support / Adjustable – Features

  • Fits either left or right knee;
  • Composition is 100% latex-free 3.2mm neoprene (CR), except for binding, straps andcover fabric;
  • Sizes available are small/medium and large/extra-large. Please consult the chart under the sizing tab on this page to determine your appropriate size.


Sizing Chart

Measure around knee -

Small/Medium: 30 - 38cm
Large/Extra Large: 38 - 51cm


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