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Our latex free and hypoallergenic DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape is made for the serious athlete who wants to maintain a high performance level with reduced risk of injury or re-injury.

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If you are an ambitious athlete who wants to keep your performance level high while enjoying maximum support for your vulnerable joints and muscles, DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape is for you.

Use this tape for wrapping your injured wrists, knees, ankles or other joints. If you need prophylactic protection, you can use it to protect your uninjured joints leaving you to focus on your training or match. It has a rayon backing with exceptional stiffness and strength for ultra high security.

This tape differs from the other rigid tapes on the market (such as BSN HypaFix), by using a latex free (but ultra strong strong) and hypoallergenic adhesive. This means that even if you have a latex sensitivity or a history of sensitive skin, you will not have to be concerned about suffering unpleasant medical reactions.

However, if you would need additional protection from allergic reactions, we can suggest that you try this product in tandem with with DynaPro Adhesive Non Woven Fabric.

You can buy DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape with either a straight or saw-toothed edges. The saw-toothed version make it easier to tear the tape by hand to obtain the precise size you require. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can use the straight edged version and cut it to size using a pair of scissors.

This tape is sold by the roll – size  of 1.5″ x 15 yds.


To get the best performance, make sure that the skin area to which you plan to apply this tape is clean and 100% free of oils, moistures, creams or other foreign materials.

It’s also wise to avoid applying the tape too tightly. This may cause it to impede your circulation. Should you experience any numbness, tingling or hot or cold sensations at or near the area to which you have applied the tape, please remove it immediately and consult your doctor.


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