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Mueller Sports Medicine Shokk™ Elbow Pads will offer you excellent protection from elbow abrasions and other more serious injuries.


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Mueller Sports Medicine Shokk™ Elbow Pads are protection pads with an inbuilt expansion panel over their elbow area for improved comfort. The pads are manufactured from an anti -abrasive material with foam padding.

These pads will provide you with excellent protection for you elbows. You will find them useful in sports like volleyball, handball, squash and racquetball and other events in which there is a risk of falling and bruising your elbow. In addition, if you suffer a fall directly onto your elbow, the padding will also help to minimize the risk of a serious injury such as a bone fracture.

To apply the pad, just slip onto to your elbow. Then adjust it for the most comfortable fit.

Each purchase includes 1 pair of Pads. They are available in sizes X-Small, Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. Please use the sizing chart under the sizing tab on this page to determine the size that is correct for you.

Mueller Sports Medicine Shokk™ Elbow Pads – Key Features

  • A contoured design and a super stretch expansion panel that minimizes bunching around your elbow for an improved fit;
  • Neoprene blend sleeve for therapeutic compression and heat retention;
  • Reinforced seams  and edges made from stretch nylon to minimize chafing.


Sizing Chart


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