Adult Non Rebreather Mask w/Side Valve


This adult non rebreather mask with single side valve is designed to help deliver oxygen to patients in emergency situations such as after smoke inhalation or carbon monoxide poisoning.


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This adult non rebreather mask with a single side valve is designed to help deliver oxygen to patient in emergency situations.  It consists of a face mask with a connected reservoir bag. When in use, the patient inhales oxygen from the reservoir bag.

When in use, the patient’s nose and mouth are covered by the mask. The side valve removes exhaled air before it re-enters the reservoir bag.

This type of mask treats patients suffering from hypoxemia (or low blood oxygen in their bodily tissues). Patients may need this type of mask (for example) in the following situations:

  • after they have suffered a traumatic injury;
  • to recover from smoke inhalation;
  • to recover from carbon monoxide poisoning.

In these situations, the patient’s blood oxygen levels will need to be increased to safe and normal ranges and then kept there. This is what non rebreather masks are designed to do. They provide the patient with higher oxygen concentrations than he/she would get from normal masks. However,  non rebreathers are usually appropriate only for short term increases in bodily oxygen levels.

These masks are for use only under the supervision of a healthcare provider.


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