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The PQ Series Darco PegAssist™ insole is a versatile peg insole for the HeelWedge™, OrthoWedge® and APB™ wound care shoes. Its removable pegs permit localized relief of pressure and its stabilizer board supports the pegs and keeps them from collapsing. The PTQ Series Darco PegAssist™insole is a similar product that goes with the Square-Toe MedSurg™ Shoe.

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The Darco PegAssist™ is an off loading system that comprises an insole with a removable-peg multi-indication chassis. The role of the chassis is to effectively off-load the plantar region of the foot. This will promote healing after surgery or when wounds from other causes (diabetic foot ulcerations, for example) are present.

The PTQ Series PegAssist™ Insole is for use with the MedSurg™ Shoe. It represents an economical wound care  system that will help to significantly reduce postoperative pressure.

The PQ Series PegAssist™ System is compatible with the OrthoWedge™HeelWedge™ and other Darco off loading products.

The system comes with a Stabilizer board, the purpose of which is to maintain product integrity.

Sizes for the unisex PQ model are X-Small, Small, Medium, large and X-Large. The sizes for the PTQ are Small, Medium and Large for Women and Small, Medium, Large & X-Large for Men. Please follow the instructions under the Sizing tab on this page to determine your appropriate size.

Darco PegAssist™ – Features and Benefits

  • Removable pegs that perform localized wound & foot ulceration off-loading;
  • Reduces pressure by as much as 60% even while the patient continues to be ambulatory
  • Each insole comes with a a 15mm combination Plastazote® together with a Multi-Foam base;
  • The base of the insole includes a 3mmPoron® cover that removes the risk of ring edema and edge abrasion

Measure by Shoe Size

X-Small - Women's 4 - 7
Small - Women's 7.5 - 10 / Men's 6 - 8
Medium - Women's 10.5 - 13 / Men's 8.5 - 10
Large - Women's 13+ / Men's 10.5 - 12
X-Large - Men's 12.5 - 14


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