Curity Adhesive Wound Closure Strips


SKU: 9892


Use Curity Wound Closure Strips for treatment of superficial wounds. You can apply them over lacerations  in a manner that pulls together the edges of the wound and helps to speed healing. This approach applies less tension to the wound  than suturing, but also carries less risk of infection or scarring.

You will also find wound closure strips useful for application to contoured body areas and to areas you use in musculo-skeletal movements, e.g. joints.

Another popular use for wound closure strips is treatment of areas subject to bloating, swelling or edema.

Yet another useful application is following removal of sutures before healing is complete. In this situation, the wound closure strips will promote continued healing.

Curity Wound Closure Strips come in size 1/4 in by 3 in. They are mounted on sleeves, with 150 sleeves per box.



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