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Use GluStitch  if you are treating superficial skin wounds and your goal is to close them with minimal loss of tissue.

GluStitchIt employs octyl and butyl cyanoacrylate adhesives with about one-fifth of the holding power of sutures. It will also form a microbial barrier to reduce the risk of invasion of foreign matter and consequent infection.

Although it has lower holding power than suturing, the advantage lies in a lower risk of infection or scarring compared to sutures. It is also an ideal product  for treatment of contoured areas such as your fingers or toes. You can also use it on areas that play a role in in musculoskeletal movements, such as joints.

Another situation in which this product can be useful is cases in which you have had the sutures removed before wound healing is complete. You can then use GluStitch to complete the job and ensure healing continues.


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