Curity Fabric Bandages


Product Attributes

1″ x 3″, 2″ x 3 3/4″, Fingertip, Knuckle

Curity Fabric Bandages are highly flexible, conforming, breathable and latex free bandages specifically designed for fingers, elbows, toes and other highly contoured areas of the body.


Our Curity Fabric Bandages are an excellent choice for treating fingertip and knuckle injuries. They are made from a flexible, breathable, water-resistant fabric that will stretch and conform with your movement. This makes them an ideal choice for fingers, toes, elbows and other body parts that can bend at sharp angles.  They can conform to highly contoured areas  and protect wounds from lint, bacteria and other foreign objects.

Fabric Bandages are latex free and hypoallergenic. They come with a soft, absorbent Telfa pad that will not stick to wounds and will also provide extra protection against infection.

Fingertip bandages have dimensions 2″ x 1.75″ , while those of the knuckle bandages are 1.5″ x 3″. Curity Fabric Bandages are an essential accessory of each medicine cabinet or first aid kit.



Curity Fabric Bandages - Instructions

Before applying the bandages, wash your hands thoroughly. Ensure that the area surrounding the wound is also clean and dry. Lotions, moisture, perspiration, etc. will compromise the adherence of the bandage to your skin.

Fingertip Bandages
Position the bandage so that the pad overshoots the fingertip, with the strips at ninety degree angles to the finger.
Fold the bandage so that the pad touches the top of the finger.
Wrap the strips closest to you around the finger and fold the bandage over the tip of the finger.

Knuckle Bandages
Remove the paper backing of the bandage
The bandage is shaped like the letter "H" with the pad in the center and "wings" emerging from the pad in both directions.
Wrap the wings of the bandage around the finger with the pad positioned over the wound.


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