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Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

LP EmbioZ Thigh Support Compression Shorts feature a Power System on the hips and thighs to correct your hip movement patterns and facilitate advanced muscular thigh performance. This raises your speed and accuracy and helps you to complete your hip and knee movements flawlessly. The Comfort System helps wick away perspiration and keeps you dry and comfortable. The seamless design keeps you comfortable while you benefit from therapeutic compression.

LP EmbioZ Thigh Support Compression Shorts offer an innovative Power System positioned over your hips and thighs. It will help to correct the pattern of your hip movements, improve athletic performance and helps you to optimize your hip and knee movements. The Power System increases energy efficiency and the power of your hips and knees.  As a result, it will help to improve your performance when you are performing activities that require squatting, kicking or jumping motions.

Another key feature of the Thigh Support Compression Shorts is their Comfort System. This acts to wick away your perspiration and other moisture. It ventilates your body and helps to keep you dry and comfortable throughout extended workouts.

As with other members of the LP EmbioZ performance wear collection, such as the Leg Support Compression Tights, the Thigh Support Compression Shorts feature a seamless design. It allows you to benefit from the Shorts’ compressive qualities without experiencing skin welts or marks or other causes of discomfort. .

We suggest positioning the the Power Band around your quadriceps for optimal results..

LP EmbioZ Thigh Support Compression Shorts – Recommended Sports

Athletes in sports requiring sprinting, kicking or jumping are most likely to benefit from wearing these shorts. These sports would include basketball, soccer, cycling, volleyball, sprinting and even martial arts.

Another great use for these shorts is holding a protective box for the groin area.

Available sizes are Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large. Please use the information under the sizing tab to determine your appropriate size.


Measure waist circumference:

S - 28 ½" - 31½ " / 72 - 80 cm

M - 30 ¾" - 35½ " / 78 - 90 cm

L - 34 ¾" - 39 ½ " / 88 - 100 cm

XL - 38 ½" - 43¼ " / 98 - 110 cm

Hand wash the compression shorts with soap. Alternatively, machine wash them using a laundry bag containing cold water.
Please ensure that the water temperature does not exceed 105℉ (40℃.)
Do not bleach, iron, dry clean or tumble dry the shorts. Additionally, do not use fabric softener on them.


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