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Choose the LP Support Arm Power Sleeve and enjoy the ability of its Power Band and Regulation Area to maintain an optimal compression level, minimize your energy wastage and improve your kinetic capacity.

The LP Support Arm Power Sleeve improves your muscle balance during sporting activity or other forms of exercise. The Regulation Area & Power Band help to maintain an optimal compression level and will also help to improve the efficiency of energy usage and improve kinetic chain capacity.

The Power Band helps to more quickly replenish your muscle energy levels to their pre-exercise levels. While it does this, the Regulation Area helps to facilitate your agility and provides support.

The sleeve provides full protection courtesy of its length. Additionally, its seamless Lycra material is breathable and soft. The Lycra is nevertheless highly durable and provides an excellent fit.

This is an excellent accessory for enhancing your performance of sports that include throwing, shooting (as in basketball) or bowling actions and reduce the risk of injury simultaneously. These sports can include cricket, baseball, basketball and some track and field events such as javelin throwing. You can read about the benefits of performance sleeves in cricket here, and in baseball here.

Overall material composition of the sleeve is 70% nylon, 25% Lycra and 5% polyester.

Its available colors are Red, White, Blue and Black.

LP Support Arm Power Sleeve – Indications

Wearing Instructions

  • Insert your hand into the sleeve, keeping the LP Support logo on the top surface.
  • Gently pull the support up over your arm;
  • When done, ensure that the sleeve’s donut shaped Power band surrounds your the elbow;
  • Smooth any wrinkles over your arm.

Measure around center of forearm.
8-9.5" (20.3 -24.2 cm) : Small
9.5-11" (24.2 -28.0 cm) : Medium
11-12.5" (28-31.8 cm) : Large
12-5 - 14" (31.8 - 35.6 cm) : X-Large

Washing - Hand wash in cold water with mild soap and then rinse thoroughly. Air dry at room temperature. Do not machine wash and dry. Should a rash or irritation occur, discontinue use and consult a physician.


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