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The McDavid Knee Support With Stays features padded buttress to support the patella, spring steel stays to provide reinforced support and elastic hook and loop straps to ensure an outstanding fit. There is an exterior layer of nylon fabric for durability.


The McDavid Knee Support With Stays employs a padded buttress to support and stabilize your patella. It also features spring steel stays to support and reinforce your knee. It supplements these features with adjustable hook and loop straps made from elastic to ensure an excellent fit.

For added durability, the Knee Support has an exterior layer made from nylon fabric. Except for this layer, the support is made entirely from neoprene(CR),  which is completely latex free. The absence of latex eliminates any risk of latex allergies, even among those users with a history of these reactions..

The choice of 100% neoprene endows the support with excellent resilience, tear resistance and tensile strength. It also possesses superb compressive and heat retention properties thanks to this choice. Both compression and heat retention are core to this support’s therapeutic capabilities.

Made as it is from 100% neoprene, the product will survive several wash and dry cycles without loss of performance. For best results over an extended period, we would however suggest air drying the product.

This support is extremely low profile owing to the 3.2mm thickness of the neoprene used in its construction. As a result, you can easily wear it under regular clothing while performing regular non athletic activities. The longer the time you spend wearing the support, the better your prospects are for an early and complete recovery.

This knee brace provides moderate (Level 2) support to help relieve symptoms and aid recovery from chondromalacia, patellar subluxation and tendonitis

McDavid Knee Support With Stays – Additional Features

  • Can fit either the left or right knee;
  • Available in black and in sizes Small, Medium, large and X-Large;
  • Composition is 100% latex-free 4.8mm neoprene (CR) except for binding, straps and cover fabric


Sizing Chart

Measure around knee -

Small: 12" - 14"/ 30 - 36cm
Medium: 14" - 15"/ 36 - 38cm
Large: 15" - 17"/ 38 - 43cm
X-Large: 17" - 20"/ 43 - 51cm
XX-Large: 20" - 22"/ 51 - 56cm


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