Kneed-It Knee Strap For Pain Relief


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The Kneed-It Knee Strap helps to ease minor knee pain commonly associated  with arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia.


The Kneed-It Knee Strap helps to ease moderate knee pain from conditions like arthritis, tendonitis and chondromalacia. It applies moderate compression to both lateral and medial sides of the knee and targets the soft tissues there. This compression reduces pain and discomfort and speeds healing.

In addition to compression, the Kneed-It Knee Strap absorbs forces due to shocks experienced by the knee. This adds to the pain reduction provided by compression.

Finally, this knee strap applies compression and warmth to the anterior  (front) side of the knee and also reduces pain in that area.

The patented shape of the brace helps it support the natural movement of the knee and interfere less with your normal movement.

Like its sister product the Band-It , the design of the Kneed-It knee strap will keep you in total comfort even after extended wearing periods. As you find it easier to wear the brace over prolonged periods, your period to recovery will be shorter.

This knee support can help to ease the pain of baseball related knee injuries. It can also help to prevent knee problems due to many other sports that place demands on your knee.

The Kneed-It Knee Strap  will fit either the right or left knee. Whichever side you wear it on, it  will easily accommodate the shape of your kneecap and your patellar tendon. It is also a One Size Fits Most knee brace.

Many physically active individuals suffer from knee pain. But there is no reason why this should be a permanent problem. The Kneed-It Knee Strap can free you to go back to enjoying your favourite sports without having to bear that aching knee. Try it and see!

Should I Wear The Kneed-It Knee Strap While Sleeping?

It is not necessary to wear the Kneed-It to bed. Instead, we would advise putting it on first thing in the morning (before getting out of bed). You may also remove it just before going to bed.


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