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The Bio Skin Pneumatic Walking Boot will immobilize your foot and ankle after surgery, and provide pain relief and foot protection to promote rehabilitation.

The Bio Skin Pneumatic Walking Boot can immobilize your foot and ankle after surgery.  You will experience less pain as the boot protects your foot and promotes recovery and rehabilitation. The Walking Boot boasts flared contoured struts to help fit a wide range of foot and ankle sizes and shapes while also providing comprehensive protection for your leg and ankle during the critical phases of your recovery.

This pneumatic walking boot also boasts a pre-relieved heel contact area that increases your safety and comfort. There is also a rounded,  low-profile sole that improves maneuverability.

It incorporates an innovative ShockPod™ system that serves  to absorb over half of heel strike force and further protect your foot from shocks that may inhibit or retard healing. Its wide foot bed will provide you with a higher level of comfort and stability.

There are several additional notable features in this pneumatic walking boot, including:

  • An adjustable pneumatic pump that boasts a simple “push-button” release;
  • Regular shoe heel height to simplify ambulation;
  • Fully adjustable strapping to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

The Bio Skin Pneumatic Walking Boot comes in both “low” and “high” versions and in sizes ranging from X-Small to X-Large. Please consult the sizing chart under the size tab on this page to determine the size appropriate for you. Please note also that you can wear the boot on either foot. Due to its regular shoe heel height, you can also wear the boot on one foot and a regular shoes on the other.

If you have further questions on walking boots in general, you may find answers here. See this post for how a pneumatic walking boot can help heal a sprained ankle.

Bio Skin Pneumatic Walking Boot – Indications

  • Ankle Fracture;
  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation;
  • Post-Operative Immobilization;
  • Soft Tissue Injuries;
  • Grade 2 and 3 Ankle Sprains.
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