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The Darco MedSurg DUO™ features dual EVA densities that provide up to 40% more plantar pressure reduction than the average post operative footwear for greater patient comfort and faster healing.


The Darco MedSurg DUO™ builds on the impressive capabilities features of its sibling MedSurg by using dual EVA densities as a key part of its design. As a result, the MedSurg DUO can offer as much as a 40% greater reduction in plantar pressure than other post operative footwear models. Moreover, the MedSurg DUO sole is as much as  27% lighter than comparable shoes from other manufacturers. This is a shoe that is built to offer outstanding shock absorption allied with unsurpassed durability..

To add to its therapeutic effectiveness, the Darco MedSurg DUO™ is a unisex design – a feature that reduces the complexity of choosing the right model, as you have almost 30% fewer SKUs to choose from.

Combine the DUO with the DARCO PegAssist insole and you will have the most effective pressure offloading combination that you can find.

Other features include:

  • An adjustable ankle strap;
  • A soft ankle pad for extra wearing comfort;
  • A dual buckle design that gives you the option to switch the shoe from one foot to the other.


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