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The PostureMedic Posture Perfector will help you specifically target the neck and back muscles that play a key role in maintaining proper posture and avoiding lower back pain.

The PostureMedic Posture Perfector is effectively a resistance band that will help you stretch and strengthen your back.

You can use the Posture Perfector as part of an exercise  program to improve your posture. It will teach you how to stretch your tight back, chest and neck muscles. Once you have loosened those tight muscles, you will find that your range of motion has improved. This in turn will make it easier for you to straighten your back throughout the day. It will also reduce pressure on your lower back and reduce any low back pain you may be experiencing.

There are many back strengthening exercises that the Posture Perfector  can help you perform. These exercises will specifically target your neck and back muscles both of which play an important role in helping you maintain proper posture. Most individuals neglect these exercises when working out and this leads to poor posture.

You can also use the PostureMedic Posture Perfector as a back brace. Many people spend the day in a hunched or slouching position while sitting or standing,  and they do this subconsciously. Unfortunately, this compresses your spine and causes your chest and neck muscles to tighten. It also weakens your upper back due to its lack of proper engagement. The result is more weight being placed on your lower back and worsening posture. Once again, this leads to more low back pain.

The Posture Medic Posture Perfector will hold your shoulders back and serve as a constant reminder to keep your upper back straight. Over time, you will develop a habit of straightening your shoulders and back. This reverses the process described above, reducing your lower back pain and helping to improve your posture.

The LP Clavic Support brace provides similar support to the Posture Perfector.

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