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The LP X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace is designed to treat the symptoms of Cruciate or Collateral Ligament sprain, Knee Instability or Arthritis. It features an I pattern Magic Power Band to preserve energy consumption during knee flexion/extension, two adjustable hook and loop strapsfor a comfortable fit, flexible hinged joints and a symmetrical C pattern Stable Contoured Structure beside the knee cap that enhances joint stability. A donut shaped silicone pad surrounds the patella to provide padded protection and stabilization .


The LP X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace has an I patterned Magic Power Band  that helps to conserve energy when you flex your knee joint and produces a more explosive release of energy when you extend the joint. Two adjustable Velcro straps keep you comfortable while you exercise or engage in physically intense activity.

In addition, the X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace  has flexible hinges that align with each other to help you avoid overstretched ligaments. You will also benefit from “buffer resistance” while you exercise, thanks to these hinges.

In addition to its Magic Power Band, the X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace features a a symmetrically shaped  C patterned Stable Contoured Structure adjacent to the knee cap. The purpose of the Structure is to further enhance knee stability. A donut shaped pad made from silicone surrounds the kneecap to  provide protective padding and to help prevent patellar displacement.

The X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace has a durable Fitting Knit made from ultra permeable fabric to ensure long lasting durability as well as breathability and moisture management for your knee.There is also a loosely knitted fabric cover over your popliteal fossa to keep you comfortable while allowing you to continue enjoying full freedom of movement.

Like the X-Tremus Ankle Support, this is a great knee brace to use for sports like Lacrosse or baseball in which there is a definite possibility of knee injury. You can also use it during the recovery stages of such an injury to help reduce the risk of reinjury.

Available in sizes Small to XX-Large. Please consult the sizing tab for assistance in choosing the correct size.

LP X-Tremus Hinged Knee Brace – Indications

  • Cruciate ligament sprain;
  • Collateral ligament sprain;
  • Knee instability;
  • Arthritis.


Measure the circumference of the knee at the patella with knee fully extended

Small - 13 - 141/8" / 33 -36cm

Medium - 141/8 - 153/8" / 36 - 39cm

Large - 153/8 - 161/2" / 39 - 42cm

X-Large - 161/2 - 173/4" / 42 - 45cm

XX-Large - 173/4 - 187/8" / 45 - 48cm


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