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The Mueller Sports Medicine Green Adjustable Knee Brace offers optimal support for weak, injured and arthritic knees. One size. Fits either knee.

SKU: MU86455

The Mueller Sports Medicine Green Adjustable Knee Brace features auto-adjusting crisscross straps above and below your kneecap that help to provide optimal medial-lateral knee support. The Green Adjustable Knee Brace is a great solution for weak, arthritic or injured knees.

The support features an environmentally friendly, petroleum free  and soft neoprene blend. It will retain your body heat and provide therapeutical warmth to reduce pain as well as promote healing. In addition, the Adjustable Knee Brace will alleviate joint stiffness and improve knee flexibility.

The Adjustable Knee  Brace features a wraparound design that simplifies application and removal, particularly for those with limited manual dexterity.

Another innovative feature is its side hinge pockets that help you to keep the hinge in the proper position based on your knee size.

The Mueller Sports Medicine Green Adjustable Knee Brace is a one size design that fits knees with circumference between 13″  and 21″ (33cm to 53cm). To determine your knee circumference, measure around your leg, 3 inches above your knee. Fits either knee.

• Flex hinges into a “V” shape and insert ends into pockets
• Align over leg, Mueller logo above your kneecap
• Fasten Botton section
• Fasten top section


Hand wash in cold water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.


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