Briefcase First Aid Kit


This briefcase sized first aid kit holds all the items you may need for treating small and large wounds, cuts, burns,scrapes and even insect bites or stings.

SKU: DM-0368


This first aid kit is about the size of a briefcase but includes all the items you may need to treat small or large wounds, burns, scrapes, cuts or even insect bites. It is small enough that you can easily transport it in a motor vehicle or boat. You can also easily and conveniently store it in a small cottage or in your primary home.

As a first aid kit it holds supplies you may need to treat minor injuries you might incur on a camping or hiking trip such as scrapes, cuts, bruises, burns and sprays. You will find that it has all the supplies you may need to render first aid to a companion who has suffered any of these minor injuries.

This kit is in the form of a multi pocketed briefcase. Its contents are arranged to make it easy to find and select what you may need in an emergency. No camping or hiking expedition should start without a kit like it.

For added capability, you may wish to add selected items like a disposable penlight with pupil gauge to handle other events that you think may occur.

The kit also includes a bilingual “first aid kit” image.

A detailed list of the contents of this first aid kit is shown below:

Briefcase First Aid Kit – Contents

Briefcase First Aid Kit - Contents



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