Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric – 10M Roll


Product Attributes

10cm x 10m, 5cm x 10m

Use DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric to secure your primary wound bandages and dressings. Its hypoallergenic material and latex free adhesive will ensure that you will enjoy the security it provides with no concerns about skin irritations or other medical reactions.


Use DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric if you are in search of a solution for fixing primary wound dressings. The Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric will help to reduce the risk of infection of your wound that could result from contact with foreign materials. Moreover, you will not experience any restriction of movement.

In addition to fixation of primary dressings and bandages, you can use this product to secure instruments such as catheters, probes and post operative drainage lines.

The Fabric is 100% hypoallergenic and latex free, so it’s an ideal choice for you if you have sensitive skin. Its adhesive will allow you to use this product on highly contoured areas of your body  and it will not curl  away from your skin or peel. It is similar to other non woven fabrics like BSN HypaFix and represents a viable solution if you have sensitive skin  but need to use a strapping tape that has a latex based adhesive. You can also use it with DynaPro Rigid Athletic Tape.

It’s radio transparency allows you to leave it in place while undergoing X Rays or other similar processes.

DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric has guidelines printed on its paper backing. You can use these guidelines to cut the Fabric to the shape you desire. You can then remove the paper backing and apply the fabric securely to the target area.

DynaPro Adhesive Non-Woven Fabric is available in 2 sizes – 5 cm x 10m and 10 cm x 10m.



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